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Kick It With Grace!

Apparently the littler ballerina was caught doing "The Robot" one too many times.


A Sailor Moon in the Making

This post is less about the snazzy sailor costume and neckerchief and more about the request to blackout the eyes on all photos in the background. Aye-aye, matey!


The Obligatory Brick Wall

For most, it was just too costly to shell out money for the "professional" photographer in the cafeteria. 



Does every dancer have an "Alley Cat" under their belt? (think about it).


A Picnic You Say?

Why, I just happen to be wearing the most perfect checked-blanket for the occasion! Ta-da!



Obviously the dancers in the background weren't as hyped as these two to be dressed as cows.


In the Navy

These girls were THRILLED to be dancing for our country!


You Should Lance That Thing

Um, you have something sticking out of your heads, girls.


Sugar Plum Rejects

The stars of their dance school light up for the camera.


Camel Toe Fiesta!

Yeah, we got it, and we're gonna show it - to you, and you and you and...


Uni Pom

They saved big buck$$$ by only using one pom made from a GARBAGE BAG.


Dancing teaches you grace, balance...

Which dancer pissed off the teacher so much that this happened?


Lookin' Like Real Ballerinas

Okay girls stand in fifth position. Maybe, try third. How about fourth? Okay just like that. Perfect. 


Four Eyes, Two of Hearts

The costume isn't actually the worst thing ever worn. Those government-issued coke-bottle glasses are.